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This tutorial demonstrate how easy it is to create a 3.3V low-drop regulator, which make it possible to use low powered sensors with 5V devices.

Needed parts

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Additional parts:

  • Heat shrink
  • Cable
  • Standard soldering equipment
  • Multimeter and 5V device for application testing


Application test

To carry out an application test a multimeter (turn on 20V) and a 5V device are needed (In my test I used an Arduino breadboard to power the regulator with 5V). This voltage is connected to regulator input, the black multimeter pin is connected to ground (0V), and red pin is connected to regulator output. The correct result should be 3.3V as shown below.


I have now demonstrated how easy it is to develop a 3.3V low-drop regulator. This make it possible to use low-powered devices such as accelerometers and gyroscopes with 5V micro-controllers.

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