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Jazzmutant's multitouch interface.

How to use

Starting up

The Lemur is updated to JazzEditor 2.0, so first you have to head over to http://www.jazzmutant.com and download the JazzEditor and JazzDaemon (for MIDI & OSC-support). We used a router to connect a mac and the Lemur, but you can also probably use a two-way networking cable or a hub. When you´ve got the JazzEditor running and the Lemur switched on; press the play-button located top right in your screen. If the automatic IP-addresses on both the computer and the Lemur has figured each other out (if not: see bellow), the Lemur should show up in the connection window. Just mark the device you want to use so that the IP-address turns up in the IP-box bellow, and hit "connect". The play-button turns in to a stop-button and you´re connected.

Troubleshooting: if the Lemur does not show up in the connection-window, manually check and try to set new IP-addresses. Make sure the computer you are using and the Lemur got each others IPs right. On the Lemur you can check this by pressing the settings-button on the device (the leftmost button with the wheel) and press the three squares in the bottom left of the screen. In JazzEditor the settings button is located at the top right corner, also with a wheel on it (or press alt+s). Press the "Lemur"-heading and view the IPs. Set new ones if you can´t get things working with the autogenerated ones.

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