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This is the software we use in the labs:

Sound programming

  • Max/MSP/Jitter, graphical programming environment from Cycling '74, (License)
  • FTM library for Max from IRCAM, (Free, GPL)
  • MuBu for Max Container Max objects for sound and motion data from IRCAM, (Free, GPL)
  • Jamoma library for Max, (Free, LGPL)
  • PD extended, graphical programming environment, (Free)
  • Chuck, text-based music programming language, (Free)
  • MiniAudicle graphical frontend to Chuck, (Free)
  • SuperCollider, text-based music programming language, (Free, GPL)
  • Processing, text-based video/animation programming, (Free, GPL)
  • Phidgets, drivers for the Phidgets sensor interfaces, (Free)

Sound analysis

  • Audiosculpt from IRCAM (OSX), (License)
  • Sonic Visualiser from Queen Mary's University (OSX, Win, Linux), (Free, GPL)
  • Praat developed for speech analysis (OSX, Win, Linux), (Free, GPL)
  • SPEAR: Sinusoidal Partial Editing Analysis and Resynthesis (OSX, Win), (Freeware)
  • rt_lpc: real-time LPC analysis + synthesis + visualization (OSX, Win), (Free, GPL)
  • Octave, text-based numerical analysis, (Free, GPL)
  • Matlab: text-based analysis and visualisation tool (UiO license)

Misc. sound and video

  • QuickTime Pro to make everything else work properly, (UiO license)
  • Audacity sound editing, (Free, GPL)
  • Handbrake for importing video from DVDs, (Free, GPL)
  • SoundFlower for inter-application audio routing, (Free, GPL)
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