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For hotels, we get a discount at Thon Hotels. Find the code to use for booking here (requires UiO access).


  • Thon Hotel Stefan (926 NOK) (downtown, between the parliament and the national theater metro stations).
  • Thon Hotel Gyldenløve (926 NOK) (midway between city centre and university, but further from metro stations than the above)
  • Thon Hotel Slottsparken (926 NOK) (next to the palace, close to the national theatre metro)
  • Thon Hotel Munch (694 NOK) (budget hotel in the city centre, close to the national theatre metro)

Budget accomodation

  • Cochs pensjonat (420-560 NOK) is a guest house next to the palace.
  • Haraldsheim (245-470 NOK) is a youth hostel but also offers single/double rooms. It is located outside the city centre, but with easy access to the metro.
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