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Here we include information about some of the controllers we have available in the lab.

  • TouchKeys: A Keyboard with Multi-Touch capabilities. Originally a kickstarter project we now have it on a Doepfer Keyboard in our lab
  • Gametrak / Gametrak-hack
  • Reactable: our own work on reactables
  • iPhone: is great for musical experimentation
  • Kinect: Microsofts low-cost 3d videocamera, great for interactive music and audio/video experiments
  • LeapMotion: Newest addition to gestural control and tracking
  • Lemur: Jazzmutant's multitouch interface. (Now defunct but available at the lab)

Foot controllers

Many musicians want to use their feet to control things. There are numerous MIDI-based controller boards out there, but what solutions exist if you only need one, simple foot controller to connect to the computer?

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